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this image shows different types of overuse injuries.

Overuse injuries are injuries that result from repetitive microtrauma to a part of the body, typically caused by excessive and/or repetitive use. These types of injuries are common in athletes, but can also occur in individuals who perform repetitive tasks in their work or daily activities.

Some examples of overuse injuries include:

  1. Tennis elbow: a painful condition caused by repetitive use of the forearm muscles and tendons, which can result in inflammation and small tears in the tendons.

  2. Runner's knee: a term used to describe several different conditions that can cause pain around the knee joint, typically caused by the repetitive impact of running or jumping.

  3. Shin splints: a painful condition that affects the lower leg, caused by repetitive stress on the shinbone and the connective tissue that attaches muscles to the bone.

  4. Plantar fasciitis: a common condition that causes heel pain, caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot.

Overuse injuries can be prevented by gradually increasing the intensity and duration of physical activity, taking breaks when needed, and incorporating proper rest and recovery into your routine. If you experience symptoms of an overuse injury, contact us right away to get this assessed and treated to prevent further damage!

Book with us today to get you pain free and back to your normal daily and physical activities.

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