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Sponsored Athletes

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Introducing Ziyaad - The Rising Star! ⚽️

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the immensely talented footballer, Ziyaad, who will now receive top-notch injury treatments and injury prevention help from Maximum Performance Sports Therapy. 🏥

Ziyaad has been hailed by former professional players and football industry experts as a player with extraordinary long-term potential. 🌟 His impressive qualities include being quick, agile, intelligent, resilient, and highly skilled, all while still maturing physically. 🚀

As we witness his journey, it's evident that Ziyaad possesses not only remarkable talent but also a respectful yet determined and fearless spirit on the field. He is coachable, showcases a fantastic attitude, and most importantly, he has an unwavering love for the beautiful game of football. ⚽️

According to his coach, "He is a shining light, who will only shine brighter the older he gets." ✨

We couldn't be prouder to support Ziyaad in his footballing endeavors and provide him with the best care possible at Maximum Performance Sports Therapy. Stay tuned for more updates on his inspiring journey! 🎉


Kaynan, at just 14 years old, is a prodigious talent in the world of dance. Their journey began at the age of 6, and by the time they were 7, they were already competing. 

Their dedication and exceptional skill set them on a path to becoming the Under 14s UK Closed Ballroom and Latin Champions, a remarkable achievement. Kaynan's success continued as they secured victory in the English Gala at Bicester and competed at the Internationals, where they were the sole UK couple to reach the semi-finals in the Junior category and the only UK couple to make it to the final of the Junior Rising Star, competing against approximately 80 other couples in the under 16s division. 

Their accolades also include a 2nd-place finish in the UK Junior Closed competition in July, along with proudly representing Team GB and Team England four times in the same year. 

Kaynan's extraordinary dedication and talent in the world of dance make them a rising star in the field, with a promising future ahead.

We are proud to sponsor Kaynan throughout his journey and give him the best care possible. 

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