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“I’ve been seeing Shad for the last few months and his attention to detail and knowledge is second to none. We have a detailed plan on how we are going to fix the injured areas and Shad takes the time to check in often to see what progress has been made. Would highly recommend!"

“I've had two sessions with Shad now and my back is already feeling so much better. He made me feel so comfortable and is so friendly! Would definitely recommend.”

“Can not recommend Shad enough. Very professional and friendly. I went to Shad with constant pains in my legs and glutes, after one session with Shad the pain reduced a lot, after a few weekly sessions with Shad the pain had gone and I have been able to return to the gym and normal life!
He has an amazing knowledge base and will always take the time to explain what he is doing, why he is doing it and will also give you extra help with exercises and stretches which you can do at home to help.
I would recommend Maximum performance to anybody if you are suffering with any pains or injuries. Best decision I made!”

“After struggling with a lot of pain in my knee for a number of years and getting no where fast with my gp I came to see Shad and it is hands down the best thing I’ve done in a long time! The improvement I’ve experienced even from my first session has been amazing.
Shad puts you at your ease the minute you walk through the door. Completely professional, he is friendly and knowledgable explaining everything he’s doing and the reason for it but most importantly what he does, really does work! The treatment I’m receiving from him has probably saved me from surgery for which I’m very thankful.
I can highly recommended Shad and his magic hands!”

“Excellent service. Helped me with a knee tendonitis problem. Expert advice, training and excersise support as wall as tissue massage therapy..would highly recommend to all.”

“I am a client of maximum performance. I have had my fair share of physios, some good, some very good and some very bad. Shad is a cut above the rest. Highly recommended. My shoulders have been giving me problems for years and after one session with Shad there was amazing improvement. I have continued to see Shad every week reaping the rewards, all at very good prices.”

“With a good conscience I can recommend Maximum Performance Sports Therapy.
I have got injured and had a bad shoulder so needed immediate help which I have been given literally on the next day. I was provided with a full range of information and exercise recommendations. The whole consultation and treatment proceeded in great atmosphere. Therapist was very carrying and making sure everything is fine with me. Literally two days after treatment I felt so much better, pain almost has gone.”

“Shad is a genius!! that’s the only way I can describe him. I’ve been involved in professional sports for over 13 years and nothing has come close to the service that he provides. Very skilled in all fields but if your looking for a sports/deep tissue massage then look no further.”

“Before having physio I didn’t consider how much better it would make me feel, maximum performance sports therapy is a fantastic place to increase your limits and create a healthy body for healthy living. I have a very active job and the therapy that corrected my posture and began to help with back and hip pain changed my attitude at work and in the gym. Would definitely recommend.”

“Shad is a great guy with a fantastic knowledge base. I sought his service with a knee issue that arose from my gym training. He assessed the joint, outlined what he thought could have been the issue, and provided me with the necessary steps to increase strength and reduce pain.

Since his intervention, I have seen a large improvement and I am able to move again with more confidence. I would recommend Shad's services and as a personal trainer myself, I will be encouraging my clients to work with him if they ever require his services.”

“I suffered a back injury last year, which left me unable to train or spend any length of time on my feet without serious pain. The physio told me they were unable to help me, gave me a couple of stretches and sent me on my way.

I had my first consultation and treatment with Shad before a family holiday and the improvement in my back was unbelievable. He also sent me away with set exercises to do daily and knowledge of how to manage my pain using heat and stretches. I've just finished my second session and I'm already looking at getting back into training this week.

Shad is awesome at what he does, competitively priced and a real nice bloke too. I can only highly recommend him to anyone needing treatment for muscioskeletal/sports injuries.”

“I was looking for a new sports therapist and on recommendation tried Maximum Performance. Cannot fault at all since going. Extremely knowledgeable with brilliant facilities. Would recommend to anyone!”

“I’ve worked with Shad for a number of months now and he’s been brilliant. We initially discussed the issues I’ve been having and he recommended a course of treatments and follow up exercises to do in my own time. I’ve definitely felt improvement in my shoulder and treatment on my legs has resulted in an improved performance in the gym.”

“Shad has worked wonders on my back. I've been carrying an injury for around 20 years. Over the last 8 weeks he has made such a difference both physically and mentally. His knowledge is exceptional. I would recommend him to anyone that needs muscular, skeletal therapy.”

“Been using Shad for my rotary cuff injury. After a couple of appointments I was able to get back into training following his guidance, slowly building my strength and mobility back up. Very professional.”

“Wow what can I say I've had back pain since 2019 (been doctors painkillers and physio) I went and saw shad last week and after my 1st visit my back is loads better ive got follow up appointments but in the meantime I've got exercises and stretches to do. Shad definitely knows his stuff and has magic hands I can't wait to finally have no pain.”

“I have been going to Maximum Performance Sports Therapy on a weekly basis for a quite few months now. It was initially for deep tissue or sports massages to help with recovery from weightlifting and CrossFit workouts. During this time I have also had treatment for my hip, shoulders, neck and elbows. Shad is extremely knowledgeable putting you at ease straight away, so it doesn't take much explanation especially when trying to describe how Olympic weightlifting is affecting my shoulders for example. He not only treats any issues but also provides a number of supporting exercises that can be done as part of my programmes to support and aid any issue's I have and help with my performance. Over time this has meant greater mobility in both hips, and discomfort free. I can't recommend Shad and his magic hands enough!”

“I approached Maximum Performance after stuffing with a stiff neck Which had significantly impacted on my ability to train. After the first session I immediately felt the difference and by the following day I felt much better. I booked a follow on appointment where I was given exercises to do at home in addition to the therapy. This allowed me to return to my usual training without the pain that I was previously in.
I would 100% recommend for an effective, professional service.”

“Absolutely fantastic service from Shad. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended.”

“Fantastic professional treatment by a very knowledgeable practitioner. Has helped me out no end.”

“I went to Shad with an injury that was hampering my training. After approximatley four sessions with him I was right as rain back on form and injury free. I'll be back again in the future to ensure my bones and muscles are treated”

“Excellent service. Professional and friendly The best sports rehab treatment I have received in the area. Can't recommend enough.”

“Absolutely Fantastic, Shads helped me recover from injury and shown me the correct ways to train to prevent the same injury occurring in the future.”

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